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UK Electronics Skills Foundation

The UKESF is a charity which links sudents studdying on electroincs/control/CS engineering focused degrees with companies for the purpouses of paid summer placements and year in industry.

Details of the schemem are at: www.ukesf.org/universities.

It provides students/graduates with something of a USP - not just a Russel Group Graduate but an UKESF Russel Group Graduate.

Applications are fairly short and are due at the end of October each year. Students with 3 x A at A-level or being on for an upper second class degree are eligable provided they're not in the final year of the degree.

Because I am the EEE department's "UKESF person", I will read and edit your application for you, if (and only if) you give me enough time (say two weeks prior to the deadline). I am very good at writing applicatoins for stuff (like government research money for example) - it's basically my job. It would be a good idea to take me up on this assistance.

If you need advice contact me on my university email address.